Terms & Conditions


Rumble Grumble Parties website allows customers to book jumping castles, play equipment, catering equipment and party décor.  Our website also allows customers to purchase cakes & bakes, party supplies & boxes.  All these can be booked/purchased from our website and will then be delivered to the address provided by the customer on an agreed time between Rumble Grumble Parties and the customer/hirer.  Rumble Grumble Parties may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice.


  • In order to confirm your order/booking we require the deposit (min 50% of total balance) within 24 hours since you have made the booking despite the date falling on a weekend or public holiday. If for any reason you cannot make the deposit but do want the goods, then please send us an email at info@rumblegrumble.co.za.
  • Bookings will be cancelled WITHOUT NOTICE after 24 hours if no proof of payment (POP) has been received.
  • If paid by credit card then you do not have to send any proof of payment. You do however have to send us proof of payment for normal eft or if you bank with Capitec Bank.
  • Rumble Grumble Parties do not hold bookings for any customer.  No exceptions.
  • The customer/hirer will receive a confirmation email confirming that the booking has been finalised and is now book for them.  If no such email has been received then the booking is not confirmed.  Please email us at info@rumblegrumble.co.za if you have not received the confirmation of booking email after maximum of 12 hours after you have made the booking.


The onus rests on the customer to:

  • Check the space and access points of the property with the inflatable/equipment dimensions given on the website before booking.
  • Provide all correct contact details, address and party times when making the booking.
  • To read and accept our Terms and conditions, FAQ’a as well as the specific rules to follow. (Specific rules to follow is at bottom of this T&C’s)
  • To pay the deposit within 24 hours after making the booking.
  • To send us the POP and to confirm that we have received the deposit/POP if not paid via Credit card.
  • To cancel in appropriate time in case of rainy weather (See cancellations)
  • To be at the given delivery address to accept the goods as per the agreed delivery and collection times between the customer and Rumble Grumble Parties.
  • Upon delivery, the hirer/customer has to check that he/she has received all goods ordered/hired in good working condition. It will be required that the person receiving the goods will have to check that all goods were received in good working condition. If not, please do not use the equipment and report it to us immediately.
  • To inform all their guest of the “specific rules to follow”.
  • To make sure that all ropes and pegs stay secure as the jumping might loosen it.  Re-tie or re-peg if necessary.
  • To make sure that all the guest are using our equipment responsibly.
  • Provide supervision at all times. If you are unable to provide supervision, then the blower should be switched off and stored out of reach of children.  The jumping castle itself should be folded and stored indoors outside the reach of children.  Any other product should be switched off and stored out of reach of children if no supervision is able.
  • Keep ALL pets away from our equipment.


  • Delivery on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays and by arrangement.
  • No customer will be allowed to collect any hired item (inflatable or party equipment) from us unless agreed upon both parties.  Please also see point 4 “Collection by Customer”.
  • All goods will be delivered to the customer on the day of the function; on an agreed time between Rumble Grumble Parties and the customer.
  • All hired items will be collected on the same day on the agreed time between Rumble Grumble Parties and the customer.
  • If hirer/customer refuses to return rented items, the hirer/customer agrees that Rumble Grumble Parties and its agents may take all reasonable actions necessary to recover rented items without prior notice or legal process.
  • Rumble Grumble Parties will not be held responsible for any associated rental, stall fees, entry fees or any other such expenses that might be incurred as a result of the hire of equipment.
  • We try to deliver all hired equipment between 7am  and 1 pm.  Collections will take place between 3 pm and 6pm. We do not collect after 6pm on a Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.  If your party is at a venue, we will try our best to accommodate your times accordingly as we are aware that you most likely only get the venue at certain times. Please note that if you have to be out by a certain time we have to collect at least 30 min prior to that time. Please provide us with you exact party times.  Please do not put on extra time.
  • Next day collections on arrangement only and only if the unit is available.
  • We do not deliver to Somerset west, Stellenbosch, Strand and Paarl


  • Only certain jumping castles are allowed to be collected by customers.   You can see if a castle is allowed or not allowed for customer collection on our website.
  •  Collections take place strictly on the day of the event.  Please note that we do not stay at the collecting premises.  Thus you will have to arrange a meeting time at the warehouse. The same with collections.
  • The equipment must be returned the same day of collection in a CLEAN WORKING condition.

4.1  What you will require when collecting:

  • A copy of I.D of person who booked the jumping castle.
  • R500 security and breakage deposit.   This will be refunded to you when we receive the goods back in good, clean condition.  If you chose to return the castle the next day a full rental price will be charged.  Note that this amount is not the total product cost. It’s an additional amount that must be paid when collection.

 4.2 When will I forfeit my R500 breakages deposit:

  • If you return the castle late and dirty.
  • If the castle/blower or any other product that was given to you is damaged or lost.
  • If the castle was booked out for the next day and you failed to bring it back, you will be charged an extra full days rental + business lost on the delivery we can’t deliver to + damages to our business name as we can’t deliver a product to a customer due to your negligence.  To avoid this situation, please bring the castle back as per the agreed date and time in a clean working condition.  All hired items need to return the same day of collection unless you book all the goods for two days.


  • Only written cancellations will be accepted.
  • Cancellations must be made via SMS (084 210 6234) or email (info@rumblegrumble.co.za).
  • Refunds will only be done if 14 days’ notice has been given.  
  • We do not do last minute date changes as we lose out on a booking if you did not cancel at least 14 days before the party date.  We ask for 14 days notice as it gives us reasonable time to try and book the goods out again thus resulting in no business loss.  We understand that sometimes people get sick, something unexpected happens or there could be bad weather on your party day, but no refund will be made on date changes unless 14 days (or more) notice has been given.
  • We do not give refunds on any payments of any Hire/purchase fees made when booking; if 14 days’ notice has not been given. This includes equipment hire, the sale of cakes and bakes, decorations, party supplies, party boxes and/or any other product/service we provide.
  • Refunds due to rain:
  • Refunds will only be given on inflatable rentals if you cancelled the Friday before the party (before 10 am). Weather forecast for weekends can be checked online from Thursdays already.
  • No other product booked or purchases will be refunded due to bad weather as these goods can be used indoors.  Even if you decide to cancel your party due to the bad weather, then no refunds will be made on those items hired/purchases.


  • All refunds will be processed and a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original method of payment within 7 – 10 working days. Please note that depending on your Credit Card Company or bank, it may take an additional 2-10 business days for the amount to reflect on your account.
  • All eft refunds carry an R10.00 (Ten Rand) cancellation fee. All credit card refunds carry an R50 (Fifty Rand) cancellation fee. This amount will be deducted from the amount that will be refunded to you.
  • All breakage deposits that we received in cash will be refunded to you via EFT within 7 days after you have returned the hired items back in clean, undamaged, working condition.


  •  All equipment to be used at own risk.
  • By paying the 50% deposit and/or by accepting delivery of rented items, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions.
  • The Hirer/Customer assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, and return to Rumble Grumble Parties.
  • The Hirer/Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Rumble Grumble Parties harmless from any claims from customers use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the customer’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defence of such claims.
  • The Hirer/Customer acknowledges the possibility of injury and will provide adult supervision at all time.
  • The Hirer/Customer will be liable for any damage/theft of the equipment whilst in their care. All damages incurred to any hired equipment, inflatable’s or motor while in possession of the hirer will be payable by the hirer unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties.
  • The Hirer/Customer agrees to pay all attorney fees and court costs incurred by Rumble Grumble Parties in enforcing these terms and conditions.

8.  SETUP:

  •  Due to our tight delivery schedule, we only set the jumping castle up. You will be responsible for the setup of everything else such as tables, chairs and decor if hired with a jumping castle.


  • Due to health and safety reasons, no inflatable will be pushed up and over any walls and stairs.
  • Please make sure you read the important details as stated on our website regarding the access gates, etc.
  • Our guys have 15 minutes per house.  If they can’t get the castle to the area you want due to hirer/customer not being at the given address at the agreed time, or narrow passageways, stairs and walls; we have instructed them to go to the next house and not leave the castle at the premises. No refunds will be made in such a case and the hirer/customer agrees to pay the full amount invoiced as we (Rumble Grumble Parties) did complete our side of the contract and delivered the goods. We cannot be held responsible if you did not check the size of your own property or the area you wanted the castle to go to or you are not at the premises at the agreed time. Please understand that we have other customers who we need to think of as well.
  • No inflatable is allowed to be inflated on a public road. It is a safety hazard. All roads need to be clear for emergency vehicles, etc. We can, however, put them in parks, etc provided that you as the customer/hirer made the necessary arrangements with the council.


  • Power points are the responsibility of the hirer.
  • Please note that each inflatable needs its own plug point. Otherwise, you will continuously have power tripping.
  • Please note that we prefer you do not use generators on any of our blowers as generators do not provide a steady flow of electricity, thus making them work much harder than what they are supposed to.  This cause blower to burn out.  We understand that due to load shedding; generators are the only solution, thus you agree to replace a blower within 7 days if it burns out while you were using it on a generator.


  • Inflatable units require a relatively open & flat area away from trees and walls.
  • Inflatables are to be erected on grass surfaces free of stones, glass and any sharp objects. Please ensure you have checked the area for these as they can cause damage to the jumping castles. You as hirer will be held responsible for any damage.
  • We prefer to setup on grass, but we can also set the castles up on brick and concrete surfaces provided there is secured pole or fence to tie down ropes.
  • Do not setup nearby fire, braai’s, and no smoking is allowed on or near the inflatable unit.
  • Pets:  Keep all pets away from all our equipment. Also, ensure that the area where the castle will go is clean and there are no doggy surprises on the grass or party area BEFORE we arrive.
  • Please note that our driver needs unobstructed access in order to set the castle up. We will not be held responsible if our drivers cannot get the jumping castle to the designated area.  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there is unobstructed access and if in doubt please give us a call before booking the Castle. You are welcome to send us a picture of the questioned areas. Please check dimensions before you book a castle as some castles need certain door/passage widths to be able to go to the party area. No stairs.


  • Keep Blower Fans DRY at ALL TIMES.
  • No water shall be allowed on any inflatable unit (Except on specified water slides).
  • Do not use the Jumping Castle during rain. The jumping surface is very slippery when wet and can cause serious injury when a child slip. Switch castle off and fold castle in half so that the one side covers the other side.  This will keep water our of the castle.  If the castle is wet when you switch it on again after the rain, please dry surface with old towels.
  • If during operation the wind becomes excessive (25kph), remove all bouncers and deflate the Jumping Castle. Please make sure the jumping castle is in a secured place and can’t blow away.  If stakes or rope come undone, please secure them immediately.
  • Please see CANCELLATIONS POLICY if you wish to cancel due to rainy weather.


  • Credit card payment for online bookings only. No credit card facilities available for walk-in customers.
  • Payment may be made via Visa and MasterCard credit cards or by electronic fund transfer (EFT) into Rumble Grumble Parties bank account, the details of which will be provided to you once you have completed the booking process online via our website https://www.rumblegrumble.co.za
  • Balance payment strictly COD. We reserve the right to refuse to hand off any product (hired or purchased) if the full outstanding balance is not settled upon delivery of hired goods or shipment of purchased goods.


  • Credit card transactions will be acquired for Rumble Grumble Parties via PayGate (PTY) Ltd who are the approved payment gateway for Standard Bank of South Africa.  PayGate uses the strictest form of encryption, namely Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3) and no credit card details are stored on the website.  Users may go to www.paygate.co.za to view their security certificate and security policy.


  •  PARTY SUPPLIES (example: plates, cups etc):
  • Any items purchased from Rumble Grumble Parties are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.
  • Should any item shipped by Rumble Grumble Parties be returned for any reason, Rumble Grumble Parties reserves the right to contact the Customer to confirm their shipping details and charge the Customer an appropriate amount for postage and handling in order to recoup both the time and physical cost of sending an item multiple times.
  • Upon receipt of this additional postage and handling fee, the item will be re-shipped to the Customer’s nominated address.
  • Rumble Grumble Parties endeavours to accurately display all our products online if you have received a product which is different to the product displayed online we will collect the item from you and will make a reasonable effort to exchange the product. If replacement is not possible, we will refund the purchase price of the product.
  • If the product has been displayed accurately and you no longer want the product once you have received it, you may return it at your own cost within 7 days, and we will gladly exchange it for you. Products will only be exchanged if they are unused and in their original unopened packaging.
  • Rumble Grumble Parties takes care to pack all orders carefully and to minimise damages as much as possible, if on the rare occasion that a product is damaged in transit please contact us to arrange a replacement of the product, provided the package has not been opened and we can see it was damaged in transit.


  • Rumble Grumble Parties shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of users/customers.  For the purpose of this clause, “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000(PAIA).  The PAIA may be downloaded from http://www.polity.org.za/attachment.php?aa_id=3569


  • The merchant outlet country at the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder is South Africa.  Transaction currency is South African Rand (ZAR)


  • Rumble Grumble Parties takes responsibility for all aspects relating the transaction including sale of the goods and services sold on the website, customer services and support, disputes resolution and delivery of goods.


  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for load shedding.  As stated above in point number 10; if you chose to use a generator on any of our blowers then you agree to pay any cost involved to replace the blower due to it burning out.


  • This website is run by Rumble Grumble Parties CC based in South Africa trading as Rumble Grumble Parties and with registration number 2008/222518/23. Contact details:  084 210 6234, info@rumblegrumble.co.za. Physical address: 156 Monte Vista Blvd, Monte Vista, Cape Town, 7460. (Please note that we are not a walk in shop. This is a warehouse only. Viewings by arrangements only. No cash payments allowed at this address. All bookings strictly to be done via our website or you can mail us at info@rumblegrumble.co.za)

Safety Rules To Follow:

  1. A responsible adult must be in attendance and closely supervise all activity while any inflatable or piece of our equipment is in operation.
  2. You, the customer are responsible for providing such supervision during the entire time that our party rental equipment is in your possession, unless Rumble Grumble Parties has agreed in writing to provide this service.
  3. Do not use the inflatable during periods of rain or excessive winds (25 km/h or greater). In the event of severe weather, (lightning, thunder, rain or high winds) instruct all occupants to immediately exit the inflatable and DO NOT allow re-entry until the weather clears and inflatable is DRY.
  4. Do not overload any inflatable. Weight per inflatable is 100kg.  That is between 5 – 8 children depending on the weight and size of the children. The maximum rider capacity should never be exceeded.
  5. All Inflatables are physically challenging. Any person with health impairment, disease, high blood pressure, back, neck or other bone/joint problems, pregnant woman or any other conditions that might cause problems when physically challenged should not be allowed in any of our inflatables.
  6. Make everyone aware of all stakes/anchors, sandbags and rope holding the inflatable in place.
  7. Remove shoes, necklaces, eyeglasses, jewellery and other hard or sharp objects prior to entering any inflatable.
  8. All participants should empty their pockets before entering the inflatable.
  9. No hot objects are allowed in or near any inflatable.
  10. No Gum, No Face Paint, No Sweets, Food or Drinks are allowed inside any inflatable.
  11. No Silly String shall be allowed inside or in a close proximity outside where it may come in contact with our inflatable.   If Silly String comes in contact with any part of our inflatable damage charges may be assessed.
  12. Absolutely NO flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the inflatable.
  13. Participants in a inflatable should be grouped according to age and size.
  14. Participants should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down n top of a sitting or lying child.
  15. No jumping down any slide surface. Participants must come down any slide surface one at a time with feet first.
  16. Do not run or jump through the door into or out of the inflatable.
  17. Do not jump on the entry step of any inflatable.
  18. Do not climb on the exterior of the inflatable.
  19. Do not attempt to climb on the window mesh/screening of any inflatable.
  20. If anchors/stakes come loose or should the inflatable begin to deflate during operation, immediately and calmly instruct all participants to exit the inflatable. See bottom of page for further instructions.
  21. We take safety very seriously, you should too. Persons not following these safety rules should be immediately instructed to exit the inflatable.
  22. Read operating instructions on the candy floss, popcorn and bubble machine before using. To be used by a responsible adult only. Operating instructions will be on the machine.
  23. Do not move candy floss, popcorn and bubble machine while it is in operation or has liquid in.
  24. Popcorn and candy floss machines do get hot.  Handle with care.
  25. Keep children away from candy floss, popcorn and bubble machines.
  26. If at any time during your rental, you are unable to provide the proper adult supervision that our equipment requires we recommend that you stop using it, turn off the equipment and move it out of reach of children until such time that proper supervision is again present.
  27. Should the inflatable begin to deflate:
  • A responsible adult should walk around the castle and check that all ropes, pegs, etc are still secure before letting the children on. This should also be done now and then during operation to make sure no ropes have come undone.
  • If the motor has stopped – check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor.  Check the circuit breaker.  Remember that multiple devices on the same plug circuit can overload the circuit breaker.  Try switching to a different plug circuit and/or switch other devices off. Also check that that you do not have a faulty extension lead.
  • Check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage. Check all air tubes that connect to the blower on the back/side of the inflatable for snugness and retie if necessary.
  • When the inflatable goes back up check that all stakes and rope is still secure and keeping the inflatable in place.  If inflatable stakes come loose, pull the loop of the inflatable towards you and re-stake. If rope is loose, retie.  Remember, it’s your child on the inflatable. Secure the inflatable as best as you can.
  • Should the inflatable not inflate or if you experience any other problems with the equipment, please call Rumble Grumble Parties representative at the following phone number 084 210 6234 before allowing or engaging in further use of the inflatable/equipment.